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Genresmedia center, server software
Operating systemWindows
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HomeMedia is a media center or storage of media information, which turns your favorite player into a media center. It can also be used as a standalone application.

WMP - Remote requires HomeMedia installed, to remote control Windows Media Player over a web interface.

HomeMedia consists of three components:


Overall concept

In the age of digitalisation more and more data is stored on the computer, but it’s mostly only organized by its folder structure. But especially in the media area, like movie, TV series and music files, it pays off to add those to a database. Thus it is possible to add more information about the media to the files, but other programs are also able to access these files faster. Such a program is HomeMedia: It manages the movie-, TV series and music files in databases and stores the information, which has been grabbed of sources like IMDB or theTVDB.com. Furthermore the user can distinguish watched from unwatched elements and start his perfect movie evening faster.


System Requirements:

  • Windows Media Player for normal HomeMedia version (choose WMP-less if you don't have WMP installed)
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (others might work as well)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile is required, but it'll be installed if you don't have it yet.

Download HomeMedia from our web site.

Afterwards run the setup and follow the instructions on the screen.

HomeMedia DatabaseManager

HomeMedia DatabaseManager helps managing the movie, TV series and music files. The user states the directories which contain the movie, TV series or music files and with the help of Local Folder Scan those directories are searched for video/audio files, information is grabbed and stored in the database for those files. The user can also perform a Manual Import to manually add available files or check the database for items which are no longer in the file system using Database Check.

Main article: HomeMedia DatabaseManager

HomeMedia Watcher

HomeMedia Watcher helps searching the database. The user is able to display the elements stored in the database and to search the database. In the Settings of HomeMedia Watcher a media player can be stated, which will open the movie, TV series or music files by clicking on “Watch” or “Play”. If no player is stated, the Windows Media Player is used.

Main article: HomeMedia Watcher

HomeMedia Service

HomeMedia Service is the connection between the databases and the mobile remote apps. The program executes the database queries for the app and sends the information back to the mobile device. If the user stated the path to the player correctly, the player can be started remotely from the mobile device.

HomeMedia Service is also necessary for controlling your Windows Media Player via the remote app WMP - Remote.

Main article: HomeMedia Service

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