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To list the explanation of permissions of each app, visit the wiki article of the desired application. There you'll find most likely the explanation of permissions used by the application.


All applications are maintained and provided by Banamalon OG. If you install and use applications, Banamalon OG may collect information about you.

Data collection

Some applications by Banamalon OG use advertisement to provide a free service to you. The advertisement publisher used by Banamalon OG are Google Admob on Android and some Windows Phone applications and Microsoft Advertising on Windows Phone applications. Each provider defines their own privacy policies and may collect data from you, the user, or the device the application is running on.

Banamalon OG may collect specific device information, such as the device id of your smartphone or tablet. The information is only used to distinguish you from other users and is not associated with any other personal or inpersonal information about you.

The provided information is not sold or given to third parties without your consent, but any information entered voluntarily, e.g. in review-/rating-systems, may be visible to others using the applications.

Changes to this Privacy policy

Any part of the applications (including this privacy policy) may be changed at any time without further notice. Furthermore, the applications are not obligated to be updated.


By using the applications, you consent to this privacy policy.

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