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My Photo Frame
Icon my photo frame wp8.png
Genresdigital photo frame, remote filemanager, Windows
Operating systemWindows Phone
PermissionsData services
Photo media library
Privacy policyPrivacy policy
Available inEnglish
Available atZune Marketplace

My Photo Frame is an app for Windows Phone to remotely browse your photos stored on your Windows pc. The app requires Windows Remote Service installed on the computer.


  • Browse folders and images stored on your Windows pc
  • Show info of folders or files
  • Flip through a folder's list of images
  • Download images to your media library
  • Server management with auto-discovery of running Windows Remote Service
  • Wake on LAN (WOL)


more info coming soon...


For an installation guide of the server side, please see the main article on Windows Remote Service.

System Requirements:

  • At least Windows Phone 8
  • Multitouch recommended
  • WiFi

Download and install the My Photo Frame app. It is available on Zune Marketplace.


Main article: Permissions of My Photo Frame


Windows Remote Service and the app can communicate over the local network. Communications over 3G or 4G should also be possible.

Main article: setting up server connection

Local network (WiFi)

After checking that the service is running and not blocked by anything (→ Main article: server side connection), it's straight forward.

If any port changes were made, you have to tell the app. Inside settings choose server management and you're able to change the port of your servers (by pressing long on the server you want to change and click edit). If you changed the mouse port (UDP) of Windows Remote Service and you're server doesn't show up, you'll have to change the port to search on in My Photo Frame: Go to server management and click edit. An input prompt will pop up and you may enter the port to search on.

For selecting a server there are two ways possible:

  1. Manually
    1. Go to the server management
    2. Click the Add button in the application bar
    3. Enter the IP address or pc name of your computer inside the field IP address
    4. If applicable, enter any port changes in the port field of the server
    5. The field name is only for you to identify the server from the others
    6. Click OK to save the server
    7. Select your server
  2. Automatically
    1. Go to the server management
    2. This triggers a UDP multicast.
    3. Since UDP is connectionless, the message may get lost and never received at the server side or the server's response never is received. In that case, hit the refresh button to send out the message again.
    4. Select your server

Notice: The port to search on (which you can find inside server management by clicking the edit button from the application bar) is also the port used by Windows Remote Service (referred to as Mouse Port (UDP)) to receive the multicast sent by an automatic scan (done by My Photo Frame). You need to make sure that My Photo Frame has set up the same UDP port as Windows Remote Service to get a response during the automatic scan.

After selecting your server you are ready to browse your folders and images stored on your Windows pc from within My Photo Frame.

3G or 4G

Main article: Instructions for connecting via 3G or 4G

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