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This article is about the Windows Phone application, for the Android application, please see WIN - Remote (Android).
WIN Remote
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Genrescomputer remote control, alternate input method, Windows
Operating systemWindows Phone
Privacy policyPrivacy policy
Available inEnglish
Available atZune Marketplace

WIN Remote is an app for Windows Phone to remote control your Windows pc. The app requires Windows Remote Service installed on the computer.




For an installation guide of the server side, please see the main article on Windows Remote Service.

System Requirements:

  • at least Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango)
  • WiFi

Download and install the WIN Remote app. There are two versions available: a free version and an ad-free donate version. The free version is available on Zune Marketplace.


Windows Remote Service and the app can either communicate over the local network. Communications over 3G or 4G should also be possible.

Main article: setting up server connection

Local network (WiFi)

After checking that the service is running and not blocked by anything (→ Main article: server side connection), it's straight forward.

If any port changes were made, you have to tell the app. Inside the Homescreen choose Settings and you're able to change the port(s) of a server.

To add a server (v1.1):

  1. Go to the settings of WIN Remote
  2. A notification will come up, if you don't have stored servers
  3. Click OK to add a new server
  4. A form opens up, where you can enter the server details
  5. Enter a name for the servers to appear in the list of servers
  6. Enter the IP address or pc name of you computer inside the field labeled Address
  7. Enter the main port of Windows Remote Service inside the field labeled Port (Main/TCP) - required for most communication
  8. Enter the mouse port of Windows Remote Service inside the field labeled Port (Mouse/UDP) - required for mouse movements and scrolling in the browser
  9. Optionally you can enter the MAC address of your computer for an upcoming WOL feature
  10. Click the checkmark to add the server
  11. If the server is not automatically selected (highlighted), select it by tapping on it (it should be highlighted)
  12. Press long on a server to either select, edit or remove it from the list

3G or 4G

Main article: Instructions for connecting via 3G or 4G

WIN Remote [donate]

The donate version of WIN Remote includes the same features as the free version. The only difference is that it is ad-free.

WIN Remote [donate] will be available for download on Zune Marketplace, once the adwork is working better on the free version.


Titlebar: The titlebar has several functions:

  • Shows the current remote name
  • Press the left button to go back to home screen
  • Press the right button to open the keyboard
  • Press the left button inside home screen to get into settings
  • Press the right button inside home screen to get to the userguide

Main article: Usage of WIN Remote

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