MPC – Remote

MPC – Remote

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This Android app is a remote control for your MPC media player.
Be in command of the playback and remotely access files of your computer via a Wi-Fi connection.

You can even extend it with our external app HomeMedia by adding a video and music library to MPC.

The app requires the MPC web interface activated on the computer to establish a connection.

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  • Step 1

    Activate MPC web interface

    Server SetupServer Setup
    MPC – Remote requires the web interface activated in MPC.

    Activate the web interface, by opening the settings of MPC and ticking the Listen on Port checkbox.

  • Step 2

    Establish Connection

    Connect to ServerConnect to ServerServer Setup
    Start MPC with the activated web interface on your computer and allow any connections.

    Open MPC – Remote on your Android device, navigate to the server settings and choose your computer from the list.

    Read the manual in the wiki to solve any upcoming problems.

  • Step 3


    You’re ready to control your MPC media player from your Android device!

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