WIN – Remote is capable of remote controlling Windows. To use the app you need to install the Windows Remote Service on your Windows computer.

After starting the app you will see the Home Screen of the application.

See a demonstration video to access all features.

  1. Download the Windows Remote Service (.NET 4.0 Client Profile is required => will be installed during setup) on your PC
    Note: It has been tested under Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. Also tested under Vista 32bit and Windows 8 64bit.
  2. Download and install WIN Remote on your Android device
  3. In the App: open Preferences >> Server Settings
  4. Change the port(s) if you did so in Windows Remote Service
  5. Select a server – there are two ways:
    • Enter the IP-address or the pc name of your PC running Windows Remote Service
    • Click on automatic search and let the device search for a Windows Remote Service in the network
  6. The connection should be established.
  7. If any problems occur, don’t hesitate to contact us! Read the FAQ and User Guide to solve problems.

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  1. It worked perfectly on my XP PRO SP3 with my SE Xperia x8. Cant belive i didnt look into this beofre, this will revolutionize the way i use my livingroom! Desktop PC on my hdtv and using my android from the couch :) awsome!!

  2. Works properly with Windows Server 2003 R2 and SGS Android 2.2.
    I never though this app would be that cool…
    Really thank you all for the effort… it’s absolutly worth buying ;-)

  3. Works like a charm (Win7 x64) once you activate the windows mediaplayer [software -> activate/deactivate windows stuff] – unfortunately the wmp deactivates my media keys (keyboard) for alll programs except the wmp.

    is there a way to get the service up and running without installing wmp (12)?

    • Yep, by installing the WMP-less version of Windows Remote Service. That version won’t need WMP and does not support WMP remote control.

  4. Is there anyway of making a play list maybe being able to Que or even fade to next song ……. But all in all Awesome app

  5. Worked perfectly on Windows 7 ultimate x64 & HTC sensation running revolution HD any chance of a play list for it and maybe a faded but all in all Awesome

    • Which remote are you talking about? WIN-Remote opens the media files in your default player. The built-in WMP Remote does – like WMP-Remote LITE – not provide any playlist operations. You have to buy WMP-Remote PRO for this feature. Is it possible to fade between songs in WMP?

      If you want a better control for e.g. WMP or VLC, you have to use our external apps. They provide functionalities to enqueue files to playlists, manage playlists and many more. A full list of features of our apps, can be found in our wiki:

  6. i would like to ask how can i change the sensitivity of the keyboard because every time im typing letters are doubled

    • Currently, this is not provided.
      Do you have the normal Android keyboard, a downloaded one or are you using the hardware keyboard? Which Android version do you have? Maybe we can figure this out.

  7. android user

    Hey folks, I want to install this on my phone but it seems like it reads a lot of user information. Why is this? Thank-you.

  8. RevJohn0584

    Having a devil of a time connecting this app. I am using a belkin wireless router for my pc, and I have followed the steps – with no success. I feel like an idiot – Please help!

    • Do you have any security programs (firewalls, antivirus software…) on your pc/router? Are you connecting via 3g/4g, WiFi or Bluetooth?

  9. Are you also developing server side to run on android for android to android control? If so, when do expect this to be available? M.

    • It is not that easy to remote control Android (due to Android security).

      We’ll make an app which is implementing the Bluetooth profiles for mouse/keyboard any time in the future.

  10. any chance 2 get this 2 run on XP SP3 ???
    i get error, that the services cant be started :(
    Blue soleil 8.0

    other BT Remote apps work
    but yours has the best numpad
    plz help me :)


  11. updated my XP with the newest SPs
    deinstalled Blue Soleil. and now the services starts ok, the phone is paired.
    i can choose my notebook in the app. but nothing happens, when i push the buttons :(
    any idea??

    • Did you enable the Bluetooth service in Windows Remote Service? Did it mention any errors on the first tab’s log when you started the Bluetooth connection?

  12. Bt is enabled in the server
    no errors
    in the BT Tab, Bt and Phone are paired
    the app find the server, but nothing happens, wehen pushing the buttons :(

    this evening i gonna try the winput App from you
    only thing i need is the Numpad :D


    • Are there any error.log files in the log folder? There is a “Show log” button in Windows Remote Service, which will open the log folder.
      You could enable Debug mode in Windows Remote Service (first tab, one of the checkboxes) to see whether or not any requests are received.

  13. Super cool program,except for 1 minor flaw. When i choose a file tot play on my tablet while it’s in landscape mode another file starts! Very anoying.hope this Will be fixed in the next update cause i can’t live without this app anymore!

  14. hi im having issues installing the pc side, im running win 7… The program fails to start completely

    • Are there any errors displayed or is the Windows Remote Service just not starting?
      Maybe you installed the WMP-full version which is capable of controlling WMP remotely and your pc does not have WMP enabled/installed? For that reason, you can find an extra download entry inside our download page for Windows Remote Service:

  15. is there any app to remote control another android device? may I use this win remote?

    • It’s currently not possible to remote control Android devices using our apps. We’d need a rooted device to make remote control possible, but we don’t have any and don’t intend to root ours.
      But we’re planning a app which implements the Bluetooth profile, so that mouse and keyboard can be controlled via Blueooth using the app.

  16. This was my review from GPlay, but I’m not sure where you read from, so I’ll post it here as well:

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This is by far the best remote I have ever used on Android. Combined with the designer, there is no limit to what this application can do. I have attached WScripts to buttons to perform various tasks, switch control over desktops, change xpadder profiles, etc.

    DEV REQUEST: I don’t know if this is possible, but there are a few things that would make this even more awesome –
    1. Make the ability for a button to switch pages.
    2. Allow feedback from scripts, etc, to track a number, or the state of a button.
    3. Allow the creation of panels to place objects in.
    4. Make button switches so they retain their state when pressed (visual indicator of what you pressed – #2 would cover this).
    5. Make a visual volume bar so we can see where it’s set and change.
    6. MULTITOUCH!!! When I use the mouse and hit a left or right click, it doesn’t register if I haven’t let go.
    7. Option to do Windows 8 gestures using the trackpad.
    8. Option to rearrange home screen.

    This product is truly awesome the way it is, so my suggestions are just that. People really need to dig in and see the potential for this app. It’s truly a work of art.

  17. So far, 99% awesome for me but that 1% so far prevents me from doing what I need. I can’t get keyboard or mouse-button entries to work. Using the Mouse control on the android, I can move the cursor around the screen of the PC but I can’t click on anything. I don’t see any errors in the log file. I have Comodo firewall but I can’t see any problems in there but I might simply not know if it’s staring me right in the face. ;-)

    • Mouse movements are done via UDP (connectionless) to get a faster response, but mouse clicks and most of the other stuff (browsing files, task manager etc.) are done via TCP. A TCP connection might get blocked by your firewall or other security software, such as an anti-virus program. You might be able to add rules to your security software to not block connections done by Windows Remote Service (or define to unblock the ports used by Windows Remote Service), in- and outgoing.
      You could also disable the security software to test whether or not the connection is getting blocked by which program (not recommending, just saying ;) ).

      I just assumed that your trying a WiFi connection.

  18. Malek Dura new here..i did test your software and i liked it..but i have the same problem with paddy which is the bluetooth..i did exact the same thing as he did..when i check the log w/o the debug mode enable nothing happens..

    • Do you have any messages printed in the log box (first tab of Windows Remote Service)? You can enable Debug Mode by expanding “General Settings” on the first tab of Windows Remote Service. This should print any requests that are received.
      Does the Bluetooth tab state that your computer and phone are paired and that the Bluetooth service is running?
      Which Bluetooth stack do you have? Did you check the log folder for error.log files?

    • Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.

      Did the test of the connection fail or did it succeed, but the connection via the Android device is not working?
      Please read my comment reply below about a blocked connection.

      Our wiki contains a Google translate button on the left side, if you’re having troubles with English.

  19. isaiah ratliff

    When I use my mouse on the remote system I can pan the screen but it wont let me click on anything, I’m running windows32 bit

  20. Great tool ! Works well on XP too. I have on wish: On big screens mouse move is slow. Can you put a configurable multiplicator on the mouse move data? Thanks Bernd

  21. Hi,
    I tried so many Apps before yours, I can’t figure why I didn’t test it before.
    It works like a charm over Wifi, even throuth Wifi tethering from my phone.

    Sadly I can’t find a way to make it work via Bluetooth. It is enable in Win remote server, in the log it says the bluetooth service started, my phone and computer are paired but when I select it in the server list, it just doesn’t work.
    It has worked for 2 minutes after I disabled Microsoft Bluetooth adaptater. I tried to renew the operation without success.
    Strangly for the time it has worked, it was only when Win Remote Server had the focus on the screen.

    I really need to make it work through bluetooth when I’m not home (presentation most of the time), otherwise I would not ask for help.

    • Hi Léo,
      did nothing work or just some parts of WIN – Remote? While you try to connect, does Windows Remote Service print any errors?

      I guess you’re using the Microsoft Bluetooth software stack, since you got a Microsoft Bluetooth dongle. This is supported by the Bluetooth library we use and we also tested it with this software stack. Which operating system are you using (Both: Android and Windows version)?

      I currently have no solution to the problem, but maybe we’ll find a solution :)


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