A new version of the GamePad Service has been uploaded today! Can be downloaded in the Download section (there are two versions available: 32bit and 64bit)


  • Can be used without PPJoy to send keyboard and/or mouse events – but no joystick simulation yet!
  • IP addresses can be shown inside the GamePad Service
  • Read the Readme for more information

This application simulates the good old NES-Controller for windows with additional functions.


Additional functions:

  • Select an analogue Joystick instead of the DPad
  • Use the motion sensor of your android device (you are able to play Wii-like with the NES-Controller)
NES Controller with DPadNES Controller with analogue Pad

For instructions or to watch a demonstration video, please refer to the Products page of NES-Controller.

BTW: We already released two games: Hashiwokakero and Nurikabe!


So, what do you think ?