WMP Remote is finally available for our WP7 users. There is a free trial version available with less functions and including ads.

Basically the same features as in the Android version are present. Some could not be implemented due to the restrictions and limitation of WP7. Check out the wiki for a full list of features. HomeMedia’s media database can’t yet be browsed using this app.

You can download the app either directly on WindowsPhone Marketplace or using Zune. If you can’t find it yet, try again later – it might not be yet visible in your country’s marketplace.


  1. Kyle Ligon

    I do NOT want this, but can not find any way to get rid of this slick viral thing you’ve invented. I have a fear that you’ve designed it to jump from mobil to home computer where banking info is kept. Please assist in removing this or I’ll just have to change all accounts again.

    • Are you referring to the mobile application itself? You can uninstall it by long pressing on the application on the WP7 home screen.
      We don’t use any banking information. Maybe you downloaded something somewhere else?
      All permissions used by WMP Remote are listed here.

  2. This application seems to work pretty well on my Lumia 800, but one thing is letting the experience down: all the tracks inside an album are played in alphabetical order, not in their right track # order. Why is this, is it a bug or a missing feature?
    I would consider buying the non-ad version if this feature would work…

    • Hi,

      the tracks will be played as in WMP’s playlist.

      I guess, WMP’s media library stores the files ordered by title rather than track number by default. I’ll check that and post an update when it’s possible to change.


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