WMC – Remote is a remote to control Windows Media Center! It uses key-presses to control it, therefore you have to install the WIN-Remote Service.


  • Play, Pause, Stop, Record, Mute, Fullscreen, Next, Previous
  • Open context menu
  • Channel up/down
  • Navigation + Back
  • Jump to Movies, Music, Images, Radio, TV, TV-Guide, Recorded
  • Volume & Seek Slider
  • WOL – Features

Download the {title} from our download section.

Note: It has been tested under Windows 7 32bit and 64bit. Also tested under Vista 32bit, but as long as WMP is not running on the PC (but the remote is enabled in the service) – it will crash sometimes. We will fix that!

Read the User Guide of WMC-Remote for accessing all features and as a installation/setup guide.


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