Basically, HomeMedia Service and its WMP-Remote have been improved and adapted to work with Windows Phone 7 (upcoming: WMP Remote for WP7!). The full changelog is listed below. You can download the new version here: HomeMedia Changelog:

We are currently updating all remote application. The biggest update is to externalize HomeMedia which will improve HomeMedia itself and the update policy! It also solves the connection force closes in Android 4.0 ICS. We are also using now the ActionBar (ActionBarSherlock for compability). We updated: WIN-Remote, FooMote, WMP – Remote, VLC Super Duper Remote Coming

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We created a HomeMedia app for all those who want to use HomeMedia, but don’t want to use our other remotes. You can browse your collection stored in the HomeMedia server program and open the desired media files on the server. See the product site for more information.