We just finished our full redesign of WIN Remote for Android! It now runs smoother and more stable! Take a look at the new homescreen: For a better user experience we had to drop support for Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and Honeycomb (Android 3.0). No worries – you can still download the old version with these devices!

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Minor update with several bugfixes of the redesign. Changlog 2.01: Bugfix: WOL Connection for Android 4.0+ devices Bugfix: Drag & drop with double click for Android 4.0+ devices Several minor bugfixes Changlog 2.02: Major Bugfix: Force close when opening a remote

We are currently updating all remote application. The biggest update is to externalize HomeMedia which will improve HomeMedia itself and the update policy! It also solves the connection force closes in Android 4.0 ICS. We are also using now the ActionBar (ActionBarSherlock for compability). We updated: WIN-Remote, FooMote, WMP – Remote, VLC Super Duper Remote Coming

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The biggest change which you will see immediately is the new design of the new home screen. Icons look now fancier. The text is outside of the icon, which can also be disabled in preferences. The list with all remotes is now available through a SlidingDrawable. The list itself is now an ExpandableList which will

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WIN – Remote is now supporting Bluetooth! The whole server managment is now better eg. the search for Windows Remote Services. Download the newst version of Windows Remote Service to get all new features. The remotes and the filemanager are now supporting bigger screens, more coming! We are also providing now a Remote Desktop.

New version available on the market with new Remotes. You can now make your own remotes with the Custom Remote! Widgets are also available for most remotes. Furthermore we had some cool ideas like the speech to text keyboard! Try it out its fun!

  Finally updated the WIN – Remote. Input should be now working as intented – no double click on keyboard and no  undesired drag & drop during using the touchpad. DLNA/UPnP Filemanger and HomeMedia Filemanager needed. Try HomeMedia out you won’t regret it We also added a new remote control to control your DLNA/UPnP devices.