We are currently updating all remote application. The biggest update is to externalize HomeMedia which will improve HomeMedia itself and the update policy! It also solves the connection force closes in Android 4.0 ICS. We are also using now the ActionBar (ActionBarSherlock for compability). We updated: WIN-Remote, FooMote, WMP – Remote, VLC Super Duper Remote Coming

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Finally a new (not that ugly) icon. Added a new awesome feature. You can now browse on your Android Device for YouTube videos and let them play in VLC on your computer! And we managed it to get the album art of the current playing file (HomeMedia necessary).

Just released VLC Super Duper Remote 1.0! You have to activate the webinterface of VLC to control it. For more information see Making the Player controllable. Features: Common control like play, pause, stop, volume, ratio, change audio track, change, fullscreen, subtitles, … DVD-Control Synchronize with your VLC-playlist Filemanager “Smooth” Seekbar and Volumebar