Since Media Player Classic changed its web interface for skipping through files (next/previous file/chapter), MPC – Remote is using the next/previous file/chapter commands of the LATEST MPC player. If you want your’s to work download the latest Media Player Classic . Changelog:

A new version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema has been released today. Go to to download the latest version. Don’t be afraid, the App still works with the latest version! UPDATE: It turned out, that the ratio button does NOT work with the new version of Media Player Classic. From version 0.82(PRO)/1.32(LIGHT) on

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In the PRO-Version there will be a filemanager for accessing video-, music- and image-files from your remote computer. Select files and let them play automatically within MPC on your remote computer. It’s also possible to select a whole folder and play all (playable) files within this folder.

Control your Media Player Classic Homecinema (MPC) with your Android-Device. Download the latest version of MPC. First activate the Web Interface of Media Player Classic Homecinema. Have a look at Make MPC controllable. If you haven’t already installed “MPC – Remote” from Android Market, please install the App.